Types of eCommerce Mobile Apps

If you want your own eCommerce mobile app then it is quite important to get familiar with its majorly used types. This will help you to choose a better and sustainable business model for your business. It will help you to target your audience in more effective ways and it will ensure amazing business growth.

Online Shopping Mobile App
Amazon is the biggest example of such mobile applications; every common customer is familiar with the Amazon mobile app from where they can buy anything from a toothbrush to a brand-new iPhone. Hence, if you are trying to sell general consumer-based items then this type of mobile app is the right choice for you. But this is not it, these online shopping apps do not have to be only like Amazon-based business model. You can sell items of a specific category as well. For example, you can have an app that only sells clothing items or a shopping app that sells only gifts and toys.

B2B eCommerce Mobile App
The B2B eCommerce mobile apps mostly comprise those apps that are used for purchasing between business to business purposes only. The best example of such an app is Alibaba where businesses and individuals can purchase goods in large quantities. Such a marketplace is not limited only to shopping in large quantities, these market places can sell items of large capacities as well. For example, such platforms may sell large machinery and equipment for industrial purposes as well. The scope of such applications is limitless.

B2C eCommerce Mobile App
As the name suggests such applications serve their purposes in business to the customer system. It simply means that there is an eCommerce mobile app that sells goods and services directly to individual customers. Such apps can provide products of fashion, education, electronics, and any other industry. Either you can develop one large all-inclusive marketplace like Amazon or you can go for a niche-based shopping app that sells stuff related to one industry only.

eCommerce Aggregators Mobile App
This might be the new concept for you, an eCommerce aggregator mobile app serves the same purpose as an aggregator in a real-life case. In other words, an eCommerce aggregator mobile app is an app that lies between the end-user and the service provider and provides the service to the end-users on behalf of the main service provider. Various food delivery apps and movers & packers apps are the best examples of such a business model. This type of mobile apps does not require your own infrastructure, all you need to have is a great e-commerce mobile app and some reliable ecommerce app development services providers who will provide the services.

Auction/Bidding eCommerce App
Auction and Bidding eCommerce apps have been trending lately because of their ability to capture wider customer-base and reduce the cost of auction venue and auctioneers. However, the concept of such a business model is leveraged by many general shopping apps and some service-based e-commerce apps as well. For example, eBay is a shopping platform but it also lets users place auction and bidding. However, there can be stand-alone auction and bidding apps as well.

Ticketing & Booking eCommerce Mobile App
From movies to music concerts, you can book tickets for any show with the help of this type of eCommerce mobile app. Ticketing and booking apps allow users to book a ticket to music concerts, travel, hotels, parties, etc. It is a fast and convenient medium for people to have new experiences and get socialize with people. Investing is such apps do not require large infrastructure, a ticketing and booking e-commerce mobile serve a medium to book tickets only between the customers and the event organizer.