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What are the different types of cross-platform mobile development tools for 2020?

Choosing the correct app development tools is quite crucial for developing a robust and native-like app.

To get started, many top options are available for cross-platform app development. 

Whenever businesses think about creating a mobile app or custom mobile application development, their minds essentially go straight to the innovative cross-platform app development. Different SMEs and startups find cross-platform as quite an excellent type of technology to develop an app on different platforms such as Android, Windows, and iOS, simultaneously.

Basically, this technology up-gradation actually boosted up the need of developers, to really compete for the market, and for feature-rich and high-performance apps that offshore of expert cross-platform application developers turn out to be a real necessity. We have seen a sudden spike in application development on cross-platform in the entire app development market.

Also, when the number of applications in the entire Google Play Store was actually placed around nearly 3 million apps in recent times, businesses don’t wish to risk missing their actual presence on this store or any other platform.

However, budgeting is always quite an issue for the businesses for developing different native-like apps which is why various alternate cross-platforms are actually developed.

Some of the cross-platform mobile development tools for 2020 are:

React Native

It allows to readily create native apps and utilizes JavaScript as the main programming language to develop apps. The most crucial side of this is that you can easily write modules in different languages like C, Java, and Swift. The best part of this particular tool is that you can easily work on video processing and image editing, which aren’t actually possible with different API frameworks.

It is unquestionably the most beneficial and best platform to be utilized for cross-platform app development as it interprets the source code and then converts it to the actual native elements in a lesser amount of time. Both Instagram, as well as Facebook, have utilized React Native to create their native apps which are the most used in the world. Hence, a React Native app development company needs to leverage the popularity of React Native.


Launched by Microsoft, it allows you to develop apps for various platforms like Windows, Android, and iOS utilizing a single .NET code.

Essentially, the best part of these cross-platform tools is that all of the applications built on the look as well as feel like native applications and this actually appears due to usage of the native interfaces which work the same way as the user wants to utilize them.

With the use of Xamarin, you can easily give your application a platform-specific hardware boost to achieve performance, which is similar to native apps. Even most of the coding will be the same, irrespective of the particular platform you are actually building your mobile app for. Also, Xamarin works on a single code by means of identifying it as well as accelerates the process for the entire cross-platform mobile application development.

It also works on both PC and Mac systems and provides you tools like debugging, code editing, and UI design tools.


It is among the most potent HTML5 SDK, which generally allows you to easily develop mobile apps with a native feel by using advanced technologies like JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. This particular SDK actually focuses on the look as well as UI interaction of the app.

The apps development on this framework can be utilized on multiple different platforms like native iOS, Android, Desktop, as well as the web with an actual single code base. Also, this popular cross-platform offers typography, pre-designed components, interactive paradigms, as well as impressive themes. It is easier to use and understand as well as it utilizes API like Virtual DOM, TypeScript, JSC as well as async, which are actually best suited for PWA or progressive web app when it comes down to a choice for hybrid app development services. 


It is an SDK or software development kit that allows the developer to build high-performance apps on different platforms like web, Android, iOS, and desktop from one single codebase. Also, this particular open-source UI SDK is duly created by Google.

It uses Dart programming language, and it is quite easier to understand for the Java and JavaScript developers. It even helps most object-oriented ideas or notions. In case you wish to develop any custom application for both Android as well as iOS platforms, then it is the best cross-platform for you. It is utilized for the development of popular apps such as Google Ads, Alibaba, etc. The best, as well as the main feature of this app, is that it actually supports a widget. It helps in improving the app’s look. Widgets even offer different types of features like navigation, scrolling, icons, fonts, etc. to offer full native-like performance.


It is a cross-platform app development platform that helps get your entire app ready in a much faster way by simplifying the entire process. Also, by utilizing a single JavaScript code, one can easily create native-like apps as well as mobile apps with cloud-like features and performance. One of the major and crucial benefits of this platform is its inherent quality. It can easily be utilized for developing apps for different devices or operating systems.

These tools also make it quite easier for you to use as well as test the apps utilizing the automated mobile test, which easily allows you to measure the app usage along with results of the app project. One can detect crashes, bugs and even make a few adjustments to improve the actual performance of the app. 

With this tool, you will be offered access to Hyperloop, which is among the best cross-platform APIs when it comes to multi-platform app development.


This cross-platform tool is best suited for any mobile application development company, which is developing games and applications for desktop, mobile devices as well as TV devices utilizing just one codebase. It speeds up the entire coding process, and one can easily update the code, save all of the changes, and even instantly see the results on the actual devices. With this, your apps are duly optimized for performance due to the lightweight scripting power of the innovative Lua, which enhances the application performance at every level.

It is free to utilize cross-platform application development tools which are basically and majorly used in 2D games since it is great to use for high-speed development and high-quality graphics of games.

Adobe PhoneGap

Owned by Adobe, it is among the best cross-platform app development tools to utilize this year. It is actually based on the open-source framework known as Apache Cordova, which gives you complete access to a wide range of PhoneGap toolset that helps in streamlining the entire app development process and even includes the options. 

Among the main reasons for suggesting PhoneGap is that one can easily learn how to utilize their tools, without having any experience in utilizing them. PhoneGap essentially takes care of the entire development process by means of compiling all of the work in the Cloud, which means you don’t actually have to maintain any native SDKs.


It is one of the best cross-platform tools when it comes down to mobile application development. It is best because its quality feature allows creating fluid, applications, UIs, and embedded devices with the same particular code for iOS, Android, and Windows. 

In case your app isn’t actually performing well and you wish to rework it, you can simply make changes to the app using this tool which will automatically make all of the changes applied to the app.

This tool even allows viewing how the application is actually performing on various platforms. It is quite easy to use and doesn’t even have any complex interface like different other cross-platform mobile app development tools. Android app development services should leverage the benefits of this tool.


With this cross-platform tool, you are provided with modern JavaScript and Java frameworks that assist you in developing web apps easily for any type of device. It offers you over a hundred, fully supported as well as test UI components, which you can readily integrate into the apps. It is among the most comprehensive tools to perform end-to-end testing of the applications on all of the platforms.

Along with this, it offers you the innovative “Themer” to create reusable themes by means of customizing themes built on Ext Angular, Ext JS, iOS, and Ext React. It provides a data visualization table which makes it quite easier for the developer to track the app formation.

Also, this tool makes it possible for you to easily organize the app content as well as how your entire content is duly displayed on the device, browser, and screen size.


This particular cross-platform app development tool is quite popular due to its impressive graphics quality which is absolutely appealing and incredible. It is certainly quite easy to use, and one can utilize it for more than a mere mobile app. With the assistance of this particular tool, you can easily export apps or games to different platforms which include Android, Windows, iOS, Xbox, Linux, PlayStation, Wii, and Web.

Also, it can be utilized to track different user analytics and even share your app on various social networks. One can easily connect with the network of its developers known as Unity Connect to find help and also get the questions answered in case you are having any technical issues with the coding or anything else.


At present, businesses are facing immensely tough competition, and their major focus is on the actual target audience. Hence, businesses have to take advantage of different cross-platform app development tools, as much as possible. In this list of top 10 cross-platform mobile development tools for 2020, you can easily find a particular tool that can easily manage all of your mobile application development needs. However, this isn’t always easy to select the best development tool as so many options are available on the current market. Hence, this list of tools can be referred or you can consult any of the experienced mobile app developers or cross-platform app development companies.